Doctorate in Business Administration

Doctorate in Business Administration

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The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) programme is aimed at middle to senior level managers who aspire towards achieving a doctoral qualification through a practice-based route.The programme has a strong practice focus, and embeds the latest research methodologies in equipping students with cutting-edge critical thinking and analytical skills, advancing knowledge, and facilitating knowledge transfer into organisational improvement, innovation, and value creation. The qualifications, skills, and knowledge gained by candidates will enable them to seek senior management and leadership positions within their organisations and potentially consulting and policy making roles for a wider professional impact.

The candidates will be in a unique position to effect strategic change on organisational policies, processes, and revenue, and also create a transformative impact on organisational and sectoral approaches and philosophies. Candidates will also be able to contribute to furthering knowledge through consulting, networking, and academic collaborative roles.

Our DBA programme is delivered within the authority granted by the Commission Nationale de la Certification Profesionnelle (CNCP) to Pôle Paris Alternance (PPA). Your DBA award is a joint IPE Management School Paris and Pôle Paris Alternance qualification.

Our DBA is delivered to meet and conform to Level 8 of the European Qualification Framework. A statement from our President confirms our policy of compliance to the accepted standards of a DBA course of studies.

Programme educational objectives
  1. To support candidates in achieving doctoral-level qualifications through advanced knowledge and cutting edge critical thinking and analytical skills.
  2. To enable students to attain senior management, leadership positions and consulting and policymaking roles within their organisations and across wider professions.
  3. To facilitate students in effecting a transformative change that impacts on policies and practices within their immediate and wider organisational context.
Programme learning outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate advanced levels of critical thinking, analytical, and conceptual skills, and make a unique, substantive contribution to knowledge.
  2. Demonstrate cutting edge research, methodological analytical skills in creating and contributing new knowledge.
  3. Demonstrate and apply advanced, scientific, empirical methods and data analytical skills to a critical organisational and business issue to develop practical solutions and create lasting impact.
  4. Contribute to existing knowledge, create new knowledge, and develop a continuous learning approach to shaping knowledge domains.
  5. Communicate effectively, the findings and implications of the research, and its impact on organisational teams and management to a wide and varied audience.
  6. Demonstrate a lasting contribution to organisational managerial practice through innovative solutions, new business models, value creation and enterprise potential.
  7. Demonstrate the highest standards of ethical probity, intellectual rigour, and systemic commitment in professional and academic practice.
  8. Exemplify leadership skills in effecting transformative socio-economic change to create a symbiotic, sustainable business-societal relationship.
DBA by Publication

Thesis by publication situates a DBA candidate’s research on the world stage and validates its relevance to the international business community.

This route sets you on the path to recognition immediately and enables you to disseminate your results to a global audience straight away. It splits your thesis up into manageable sections, and enables you to learn from the journal feedback process. Publication of your work is one of the most effective ways of securing scholarships, funding and jobs. It defines your worth as an academic and is the principal currency in academia.

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DBA Admissions

We provide a unique approach to our Doctoral Studies. Applications to participate in DBA may be submitted at any time for consideration.
Candidates must submit their relevant application forms for consideration. Applications may be submitted online here – Application form for DBA
Students with Master’s degrees from any discipline are eligible for consideration for entry.
Your application must provide us with a broad outline of your intended area of study
This enables us to decide on the most suitable supervisor for your studies after you have confirmed to us that you intend to pursue our DBA.
You may however elect to have your own supervisor who could be your superior in your work place or another other nominated individual
If you intend to nominate your own supervisor we need to have to let us have his relevant CV to approve his appointment.
We reserve the right to reject the supervisor application. It is important for us to ensure that you have the correct support to complete the work.
After payment of the appropriate fees you will commence your online studies with Research Methodology
This will be an Intensive course programme delivered online with relevant resources that trains you to complete your research approach and work successfully. This will be taught online a one to one basis
If during the Research Methodology course the lecturer is of the opinion that you require additional statistical skillswe will provide this additional Statistics course

Course Fees:
The cost of the DBA programme is € 3,500 per year from the date of enrolment. Instalments plans are available on request.

Summary Doctor Of Business Administration
Duration Three Years
Type of programme Online and Supervised Research Doctoral Programme
Who is it for? Ambitious business executives & consultants
Pre-requisite qualifications Masters, MBA or equivalent work experience
Reasons for study Career enhancement; development of research skills; development of business expertise; building an international network of contacts
Learning support Taught research modules, virtual learning environment, expert supervision
Language English
Assessment Primer, research presentation, Thesis, up to 50,000 words, or thesis by publication(three artefacts)
Application procedure Research proposal, CV, academic transcript & certified copies of academic qualifications, application form
Malaysia and Myanmar Admissions

Malaysia and Myanmar offer the DBA by Thesis. Please arrange to contact our Official representative for further details with regards to applications and admission dates.


PMI Education Sdn Bhd (Reg.No. 629638 V)

Level 1, Bangunan AHP,
2 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur,

Contact: Prof Dr.William Chua

Tel: +60 3 7728 5215, +60 3 – 019 293 8816

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Bangladesh Admissions

The Centre for Applied Research in Software and IT (CARSit) offers our DBA by Thesis. Please arrange to contact then for further details with regards to applications and research opportunities.

The Centre for Applied Research in Software and IT (CARSIT)

House- 6/20, Block- E,
Housing Estate,

Contact: Prof. Dr. Karim Mohammed Rezaul

Tel: +88 0182 496 1566 (Bangladesh), +44 07960 272 886 (UK)

Some DBA research areas CARSIT will be offering include:

Management of Technology
IT project management
Business intelligence
Business information system
IT integration
Healthcare IS

Syria Admissions

Almashora for Training & Consultations offers our DBA by Thesis. Please arrange to contact then for further details with regards to applications and research opportunities.

Almashora for Training & Consultants


Contact: Dr. Yousef Abdul-Raouf Shannar
Executive Manager

Tel: +963 1 1333 1649, +963 1 1611 1742

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